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    Mark II Viewfinder

    Photographers Ephemeris



- Plan before you leave for a trip. Use Google Earth and Google Maps to scout locations.
- The best light is sunrise and sunset. Camp near your photo location if possible. 
- On location, use software tools such as “The Photographer’s Ephemeris” and “Mark II Artist’s Viewfinder”.
- Practice with your camera at home so you are familiar with all functions ahead of time.
- Use a tripod. You will get sharper pictures.
- Be patient and wait for the wind and light. Sometimes waiting for just a little while results in much better pictures.

- Composition tips
            Look for leading lines and foreground elements.
            Balance photo elements and the color pallete.
            S curves almost always add to a composition.
            Use longer exposures to blur moving water.
            Use natural framing elements such as tree limbs.