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Bio -

My interest in photography began in high school. Our art teacher had us build a pinhole camera using a coffee can as the body and cardboard for the shutter. We exposed our pictures directly onto black and white photo paper and I still remember how cool it was to watch the picture appear in the developing tray. When I moved to Colorado, I rediscovered photography as a way to share the beauty of the American West with family and friends. I hope you enjoy my work!

Current equipment -

Cambo Actus DB2 medium format view camera

Phase One digital back
Rodenstock and Schneider lenses

Awards -

2013 Looking For The Light Show First Place for "Paradise Divide"
2013 Louisville Art Association Photography Show Second Place Color Landscapes for "Sandstone Crack and Water"
2006 Alpine Art Affair First Place
2006 BAA Members show First Place
2006 St. George Art Festival First Place
2005 Alpine Art Affair First Place
2005 BAA Members show Second Place
2004 Briargate Arts Festival Merit Award
2003 Louisville Art Association Photocraft Award
2002 BAA Members show Honorable Mention

Website -

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